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Holiday Barometer Spain 2022

We share the HOLIDAY BAROMETER 2022 prepared by Europ Assistance and IPSOS. Includes travel trends for this summer.

After the collapse of 2020 and partial recovery 2021, 2022 shows signs of recovery, el aumento de la propensión a viajar como venganza tras el periodo de restricciones y sacrificios hace del verano 2022, the summer of revenge.

According to the HOLIDAY BAROMETER 2022 prepared by Europ Assistance and IPSOS, this summer we are excited to travel again. Concretamente the 78% of Spanish respondents intend to travel this summer, and 20% more than last year, and with an expected increase in spending 14%, reaching a vacation budget of 1.503 euros. Promising signs for a sector hit hard by the pandemic

More than two years after travel and tourism came to a standstill due to the appearance of the Covid-19 pandemic, the sector is recovering and more and more destinations around the world are reopening to travelers with fewer restrictions and requirements. The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way people travel and has shaken their priorities when it comes to getting away.. The last two years have also had an impact on the destinations that travelers want to visit. Continúan siendo the national destinations preferred by the Spanish for these holidays. Pero los datos arrojan una upward trend of vacations abroad, 38%, and 14% more than 2021. Yes indeed, betting on destinations close to our borders such as France, Portugal and Italy.

Cabe destacar el empuje de las llamadas working holidays. Although offices have reopened and business travel is picking up, there are many who continue to do most of their work, if not all, from the home office or wherever they decide to be with a Wi-Fi connection. Esto ha dado lugar a un mayor número de nómadas digitales y a la aparición de tendencias como los viajes de bleisure (a mix of business and leisure) y las workcations. According to our study, the 30% of Spaniards surveyed intend to work this summer from their holiday destination.

This is where I think the subject of revenge should be closed. Nevertheless, all this enthusiasm is held back by concerns such as inflation, and 77% indicates that it is the main cause that stops you from traveling. likewise, we remain cautious and fearful when traveling again, mainly for medical risks such as getting sick or being quarantined. Es por ello por lo que el 49% of travelers intend to take out travel insurance this summer, valuing above all coverage for medical expenses and emergency hospitalization during the trip.