About us

AVVA PRO is a non-profit association formed by companies, platforms, managers and individuals dedicated to the management of tourist homes and apartments in Andalusia. We seek to provide competitiveness and quality assurance to this accommodation segment, for the benefit of its users and related community.

We exercise the defense and active promotion of the general and specific interests of the houses and apartments of the houses and tourist apartments in the region.

We promote the positive contribution of tourist homes and apartments to the economy in aspects such as the deconcentration of tourism in saturated areas, deseasonalization and visitor loyalty, as well as the promotion of family tourism in areas without accommodation and the promotion of the rehabilitation of buildings in historic centers.

From AVVA PRO we are committed to giving visibility and defending the interests of our sector.

Tourist Homes
Accommodation Places

We have a group of lawyers who offer advice adjusted to different profiles.

collaborators and sponsors

Carlos Perez-Lanzac

President of AVVA PRO
founder of Caleta Homes
Founder Vtur Summit

David Moreno

Member of the Board of Directors of AVVAPRO
President of AVVA PRO in Seville
CEO and Founder of HommyHome
Founding partner of Lux-Andalus Experiences

Alvaro Graciani

Secretary General of AVVA PRO
Legal Director of AVVA PRO
Rural Tourism Delegate
Lawyer and tax advisor Graciani Advisors and Lawyers

Francis Martinez

Member of AVVA PRO in Malaga

Luis López

Member of AVVA PRO in Cádiz
Co-founder of Vacation Rental Andalusian Cooperative Society

Michael Kolodnicki

Member of the Board of Directors of AVVA PRO
founder of Rincón Rent S.L..

Francis Linares

Member of AVVA PRO in Almería
Partner and Manager of Expoholidays

Do you want to know more about the association? Write us and we will be happy to tell you all the details.