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Swikly has become the number one solution for online bail bonds in France. Thanks to technological innovation, Swikly allows you to protect homes and apartments through a simplified and secure online bond application.

Starting from the realization that a deposit is essential for any rental, but that old-fashioned bail (cash, pre-authorization that blocks the guest's bank account) It is a burden for both the professional and the individual., Swikly proposes a digital solution that allows you to protect a home by sending a deposit request without debiting or blocking the funds on the clients' bank card. Only in case of damage is the exact amount charged to cover the cost of the damage.

Swikly is in charge of all the management of the Property Managers' deposit system and facilitates the relationship with guests in case of dispute.

Swikly serves all types of professional and individual tenants, adapting to your specific needs: vacation managers, campsites, concierge services, car rental companies etc..

They are connected to the Avantio PMS, Guesty, Beds24, Smiley… and others.

To test the solution, they propose to the associates: 3 swiks* free.

*And succumb It's a bail request..

To request more information and/or enjoy the service, you can contact Swickly, identifying yourself as an AVVAPRO associate, here: adriana.aguiar@swikly.com