The Puente del Pilar and the summer weather that is predominating in Spain has meant that these next few days the accommodation and tourist homes in Andalusia will be close to full in several capitals and have a occupancy more typical of summer. The forecasts and reserves point to Malaga capital exceeding the 85%, that in Seville the 90%, May Cádiz also be around the 90% and that Córdoba is located around the 80%, according to the data available to the Association of Tourist Housing and Apartment Professionals of Andalusia (AVVAPro).

In the case of Malaga capital, the occupation will be 10 points above last year and with an international visitor that does not drop, assuming the 60% of the total (by importance United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands and France) in front of 40% national tourism.

Cases a 60% of tourists travel as a couple, and 15% They are families with children and in a 14% of cases travel alone. Regarding the advance with which reservations are made, the trend that predominates in the sector since the pandemic continues., with the majority of them carried out in the last month.


The positive impact of tourist apartments and homes in Andalusia

Last year, the apartment and tourist housing sector generated more than 3.700 million euros in Andalusia and is a fundamental driving pillar of tourism and the economy of the region. In fact, the 50 percent of all accommodation places in the autonomous community are apartments and tourist homes and rural houses, that they believe 15.100 direct jobs, 9.500 indirect and 8.400 self-employment.

The tourist housing market usually produces satisfied and loyal clients., with a large volume of demand and a very favorable impact on job creation, entrepreneurship, innovation and opportunities in the closest environment, It is proven that guests of tourist accommodation have a positive impact on local commerce such as restaurants., car rental and other services, given that 8 decade 10 euros (the 80,9 percent) What visitors spend is on purchases, local trade products and services. The average total travel expense per tourist housing reservation is 2.967 euros.


About AVVAPro

AVVAPro is an organization made up of companies, professionals and owners dedicated to the management of tourist homes in Andalusia, that provides competitiveness and quality guarantees to this accommodation segment, for the benefit of its users and related community.

The association holds the representation, through its members, from 12.00 tourist homes and close to 57.000 accommodation places distributed throughout Andalusia. Also, AVVAPro defends and promotes the general and specific interests of tourist homes in the region., forming part of organizations such as the Spanish Federation of Tourist Housing and Apartment Associations (FEVITUR), the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Andalusia (CEA), the Costa del Sol Tourism Forum, the Plan8 of Seville and the Board of Tourism and Commerce of the City Council of Cádiz.

AVVAPro promotes the positive contribution of tourist housing to the economy in aspects such as the deconcentration of tourism in saturated areas, deseasonalization and visitor loyalty, the promotion of family tourism, residential and in areas without shelters, Increased accessibility and comfort for users, the efficient use of the real estate stock and second homes, and the promotion of the rehabilitation of buildings in historic centers.


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