Akiles offers Cloud Access Control solutions that allow you to manage access to tourist accommodation in a way 100% remote, eliminating keys and in-person check-in from daily operations.

The company's technology includes both the devices that are installed at the entrances and the management software, and has several opening methods, like by mobile (no app download required), individual PIN code, NFC cards or remote opening.

Akiles' value proposition is based on 3 pillars: The company develops the 100% of its technology, does not use distribution channels (always providing the same service, without intermediaries) and offers customer service 24/7.


The Nomads Agency was born to provide a comprehensive service to the company or self-employed person that carries out activity in the tourism sector..
Its value proposition is to connect the professional with all the necessary services to spread their business with online and offline products.: Branding, Web, RRSS, Strategy, Tool, Signage, Merchandising, Uniforms, Labeling